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What Can I Do If My Kitten Has An Eye Infection

Recovery of Eye Infection in Newborn in Cats Use warm, wet towels to keep the eyelids from sticking together. Apply antibiotic ointment regularly as prescribed by your veterinarian, for the length of time he instructs you. Eye infections can. Home remedies for cat eye infection. 4.1 OTC ophthalmic ointment.

4.2 Boric acid. 4.3 Tea bags. 4.4 Warm compresses. 5. Additional home treatments to help your cat recover from an eye infection quickly. 6. How to. What do you do if your kitten's eye is swollen? Gently wipe away eye discharge using cotton soaked with warm water. For eyes that are swollen, gently separate the eyelids and pour saline solution (the same solution you use on your own eyes) between the lids. It is important you do not squirt the saline solution to rinse out foreign material from the eye.

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